Welcome to Earth

You must have courage to live a life on Earth. The weakest, meekest souls do not belong here. In fact, they do not incarnate here. This is not a sandbox for the young and fresh, it is a fire to mold the oldest and most difficult. If you have found yourself here it means that you are an old soul. You have lived many lives.

You have experienced many hardships. You are tough, most likely have a warrior spirit. You are a fighter, a survivor. You are ready to develop from the pupa into a beautiful butterfly. You wish to unfurl your magnificent wings and soar into higher intelligence, and higher love. In order to reach this magnitude, you must accelerate yourself into a higher frequency.

Earth is the perfect home to provide you with the opportunity to either rise, or fall, in frequency. You have access to a wide range of frequency here, from the highest high, to the lowest low. The planet has an exceptional energy ecosphere that will host not only an array of frequency from within the planet’s own atmosphere, but it can be affected from surrounding frequency from outside of the atmosphere as well. The entire planet can, and is, being lifted in frequency. This is a unique time in the planet’s existence, in that, every species on the planet is being developed into a higher frequency as a whole. Where the planet goes, so do all that are dependent upon it. This includes you.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

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