Our Divine Helpers

If you can imagine that God is the culmination of all things in existence. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, and the end. It is said that God was never created, was always in existence, is all that ever was, and will ever be. If you can imagine, in your minds eye a golden light that is so large, whose magnitude is so great, that our sun is only one cell in it’s being, you can begin to grasp the colossus that is God. It is difficult for the human mind to contemplate this concept.

The one true God is the life that powers all that is. All that has ever lived, still lives in a field of consciousness that exists within the oneness of creation. We call this the all conscious mind. The all conscious mind is available to all humans who seek it out. This cloud of consciousness takes form. At it’s highest levels it functions as deities, then levels to the angelic realm, then it feeds down into all forms of creation in the Universe, into the slowest vibrational forms, which includes that which exists in matter…YOU! You are a physical form in a 3 dimensional plane, but you are connected to the great conscious mind, you are part of The All.

Angels, spirit guides, and helpers of all sort are available to work with you. It is our pleasure to be here with you today, and all days. There is a brotherhood of light that exists in higher dimensions, whose sole purpose at this time is to assist the planet Earth in transitioning into higher frequency living. It is our honor and mission to coach, guide, and love you into a new era of peace.



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