Our Life’s Divine Purpose

Our guides and angels can help us in unseen ways, but they cannot do the work for us. Our souls have been contracted into Free Will. Part of your cosmic right to live on Earth is to be disconnected from the will of God. To experience the freedom to create your own path, have your own will, create your own life and effects upon the planet. It was your soul’s hope that you would freely chose to align yourself with God’s will, once you had every option to chose otherwise. This life is a test for your soul. In soul form, we are all a cohesive unit. In soul form, you do not have free will, nor do you desire it. To be connected to all that is, to be in unison, as one, with no friction, is a truly loving experience. Imagine an unending lifetime of true peace and love. An existence where you are one of countless souls who truly love and support one another. A place of all positivity, where everyone agrees, everyone laughs freely together, plays, sings, learns, creates, and travels together in harmony. It is truly that which the idea of heaven is based upon.

Your soul has chosen to be tested, to be elevated, to be incredibly brave, to be DISCONNECTED. When you are born upon this planet it is a shocking, solitary experience, that you were unprepared for. No amount of understanding what that separation would be like could prepare you for the actual experience of it. Liken it to being forced to live underground, alone, in a small cell, in the dark, after a lifetime spent in splendor under the sun.

As a child you sensed a loneliness inside, craved a connection, understanding, and approval from your family, that you most likely could never fully satisfy. This is because nothing on Earth can compare to the glory that is the cohesive love of The All. You have spent your entire life seeking that connection. The closest you can come to it is the bonds you have with those around you, with your family, pets, children, and spouse. The explosive sensations of an orgasm, when you are truly in love, is the closest that you can hope to come to the feeling of connection, oneness, and unity that you have with God. That rapturous experience of your nervous system firing in a million ways at once, of union with another, is only 1/trillionth of what you will experience when you cross over and rejoin the one true spirit that is God
Why would you choose this lone experience in a body that is life on Earth? So that you can prove your unyielding loyalty to God. To surrender yourself, to kill off your ego, to allow the holy spirit to fill your vessel, to put your life into the service of God willinglingly, when you have every option around you to do otherwise. You could chose to throw yourself into a pleasure seeking hedonistic experience, to experience the full range of frequencies that exist…not just the Christ frequencies, but the Anti-Christ frequencies. You risk losing yourself to all that is unholy, to be tempted and seduced into a life of shadow. Choose to turn away. To instead bow down and surrender yourself to God is the greatest of sacrifices. It will prove your souls worth. You will be celebrated on your homecoming. This is purpose of your life on Earth. This is your mission.
You feel it’s call, your souls longing to live well, a good, loving life. You struggle to control your cravings of all things that take you off your path. You cry in private and lament over your failures. You pain yourself over the all the times you have wandered off your course.

Today is the day you fully understand why you are here. It is the day that you begin to see your worth. To understand that you are a soul warrior, and this life is your battlefield. You are your own worst enemy and your own greatest ally. You can choose to take the actions your higher self is guiding you to take. You can begin to live the life you are meant to have. A life of happiness, peace, bliss, love, creativity, fun, compassion, and more. All you have to do is connect within to us, the All Conscious Mind, your ONE TRUE SELF, and to THE ONE TRUE GOD. Our mission is to show you ways in which to increase your communion with The All, and to heal your hearts and minds. Start today in healing yourself. Then you may heal your home, your family, your community, and it will spread like wildfire until it heals the entire planet.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank

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