The Illusion of Perfection

We often have an image of our ideal self. The image is most likely you in your 20’s, but with the wisdom and success of yourself at 90. This image is a harmful illusion! It gives your subconsicious mind a target that is far too different from who you are right now. This creates an unrealistic gap that becomes a barrier to you acheiving your dreams. This is an illusion of perfection.

This perfect self image is a ruler to which you compare yourself. You criticize and beat yourself up for not being this perfect version of you. What if I told you that you are your perfect version of you right now? You are whole and complete right now. Please go get a mirror and look yourself in the eye and say, “I love you right now. Who you are right now is perfect.” See how you feel and what comes up when you say this. Repeat it, out loud while maintaining eye contact, as many times as you need until it feels true.

This was most likely more difficult and deeper an experience than you thought it would be. What can we take away from this message? That you are perfectly you…right now! The life you have built around you are the results of choices and actions you have made over time. You have most likely made lesser choices than you deserve because on some level you are punishing yourself for not being the ‘perfect you’ that does not exist, and is only and illusion. You have settled for less than you deserve over, and over again.

It is time to leave this faulty thinking behind you! Instead of trying to fill a gap between who you are and who you think you want to be, begin to expand on the goodness that you have right now. Begin to see the blessings around you and think of ways to build them into even greater bigger blessings. You will be surprised at the momentum that gratitude can build. Your entire being will be energized and rejuvenated when you focus on your blessings. Begin by writing down a few things you like about yourself. Add a few things that you like about your life. Next think about what you can do to make them even better.

Think you are attractive? What can make you even more attractive? Perhaps taking more pride in your outfits. You could clean your shoes, press a few shirts, buy some new pieces or accessories to make an existing outfit pop. Maybe it’s time for a new hairstyle or fresh new cut and shave. Perhaps add a new perfume or new grooming products, whiten your teeth, or get some sun. Maybe you can work on your posture, begin to smile more, walk with a new pep. Maybe it’s time to start doing push ups, or planks, or increase your physical activity. Join a gym or spa.
Think you are smart? Maybe it’s time to learn a little. Travel and learn about food, drinks, culture, literature, art. Learn something new, a language or skill like cooking, computer, gardening, public speaking. Learn a hobby like painting, drawing, sewing, crochet, wood working, glass blowing, boating, kayaking, biking. Anything new will expand your knowledge and help you to grow new synapses and keep your brain sharp.
Are you a great cook? Learn some new recipes. Cook meals for people you love. Have a dinner party, or host a tea.
Like your home? Get it clean and organized. When your room is tidy it makes a tremendous difference in your body.
Feeling lucky to have wonderful people in your life? Do something for them, and others. Buy and mail a card, make a phone call, visit, buy a gift, bring them food. Spend time with the people in your life.
Wish you had more people in your life? Begin to volunteer and do for others. As you gift your energy to others, you will be blessed in return.

There are countless ways to increase your experience of your life right now. Love yourself as you are right now, and gift yourself with compassion and understanding. Be patient and kind to yourself. It is ok if you have made mistakes, bad decisions, and disappointed yourself in the past. You did the best you could with what you had at the time. You learned. Now you will do better! You will love yourself, make yourself comfortable and proud. You will relax, and not take yourself so seriously. You will find the joy in your everyday.

Wake up each day and take it as an isolated opportunity to do whatever you want from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Do not worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow never comes. It is always today. Focus on today. What can you do today to experience more joy? What can you do today to respect yourself right now? What actions can you take today that will bring you to a place where you will lay your head on your pillow tonight feeling satisfied and proud of yourself? Put love into action and do those things today!


“Forever is composed of nows” – EMILY DICKINSON

Suspension Of Our Beliefs

The first step in your awakening is to accept that facts are sometimes confused with beliefs. Beliefs are not always truth. What do we mean? Science is only about 300 years old. Archeologists have been discovering anomalies and ignoring them because they do not fit into socially held beliefs about the human time line. Biological discoveries are being made to prove the body is electric and capable of healing in previously unknown ways. As we make new discoveries, we are slowly evolving into growing our understanding of ourselves, and the world around us. In many cases, the more we know, the better we do. However, in some cases, discoveries uncover a different story than the one our cultural systems would like us to believe.

Full disclosure of new evidence will disrupt societal norms, and conventionally held beliefs about religion, medicine, history, politics, technology, our origins, among other things. To keep society performing at status quo, the evidence gets buried. There are pieces of the puzzle all over the world, being held quietly. As global communication has increased, it has become more difficult to keep secrets. Less division means, less idiosyncrasies in the communal knowledge. We are sharing truths and finding patterns and similarities in the information.

The global awakening is happening right now in our lifetime. Change is on the horizon and we are already on the fringe of it. The first step in adapting to change is to allow new ideas to surface. In order for a new plant to sprout, the ground must be tilled to loosen the soil, so that the fragile new life can push through to the surface. In the same way, your grip on your previously held understanding of the world and yourself must be loosened.

What can we as individuals do?  We must awake to each new day with the declaration to God, that today we will see beyond our beliefs. Today I am willing to see the truth. We must ask that the truth be revealed to us, and that God give us the gift of discernment.


dis·cern·ment [dəˈsərnmənt]
1. the ability to judge well
2.  perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding

Our Divine Electrical Body

Our bodies are electrical conductors, and in some ways, generators. We are blessed to be made of mostly water. Water is the most conductive substance on the planet. We come complete with our own electrical wiring system, the central nervous system. it entwines throughout the deepest recesses of our beings, transmitting light to and from every limb and organ. It is being directed and managed by your brain, heart, and gut. These are the main directive stations. Each connect to a chakra, or portal that is bringing frequency into the stations/storehouses.

Your overall frequency is being broadcast like a silent musical note. Our hearts can hear this music, and will use the notes to identify potential friends and mates.
Our hearts can also gauge another’s honesty, and authenticity. It is why you can listen to the words of another, use your mind to analyze them for reasoning, but still not believe them to be true. What is being said might make sense, but you can feel that it is a lie.
The heart cannot be dishonest, and will always broadcast truth. Even when a person’s thoughts and words are not authentic, their heart will always tell you the truth. It is our hope that you learn to listen to your heart and the heart of others.

It is our goal to heal and activate the hearts of men. It is only through heart space activation that all of Earth will tune into harmony. Peace on Earth will not come as a result of creating unity between people, it will come when we create unity in each person. When a person comes into alignment, they will naturally come into union with all others that are also aligned. This is the union that will create peace on Earth.

The mission of all light workers is to become a living example of the light. Let the light shine and entice others to desire that awakening in themselves. Allow them to desire the change in themselves. Allow them to come to you. You must only concentrate on your own alignment at this time.

Multidimensional being - energetic body - spirit and soul - meditation flower of life

When you live with an open heart, unexpected, joyful things happen. – Oprah

Our Life’s Divine Purpose

Our guides and angels can help us in unseen ways, but they cannot do the work for us. Our souls have been contracted into Free Will. Part of your cosmic right to live on Earth is to be disconnected from the will of God. To experience the freedom to create your own path, have your own will, create your own life and effects upon the planet. It was your soul’s hope that you would freely chose to align yourself with God’s will, once you had every option to chose otherwise. This life is a test for your soul. In soul form, we are all a cohesive unit. In soul form, you do not have free will, nor do you desire it. To be connected to all that is, to be in unison, as one, with no friction, is a truly loving experience. Imagine an unending lifetime of true peace and love. An existence where you are one of countless souls who truly love and support one another. A place of all positivity, where everyone agrees, everyone laughs freely together, plays, sings, learns, creates, and travels together in harmony. It is truly that which the idea of heaven is based upon.

Your soul has chosen to be tested, to be elevated, to be incredibly brave, to be DISCONNECTED. When you are born upon this planet it is a shocking, solitary experience, that you were unprepared for. No amount of understanding what that separation would be like could prepare you for the actual experience of it. Liken it to being forced to live underground, alone, in a small cell, in the dark, after a lifetime spent in splendor under the sun.

As a child you sensed a loneliness inside, craved a connection, understanding, and approval from your family, that you most likely could never fully satisfy. This is because nothing on Earth can compare to the glory that is the cohesive love of The All. You have spent your entire life seeking that connection. The closest you can come to it is the bonds you have with those around you, with your family, pets, children, and spouse. The explosive sensations of an orgasm, when you are truly in love, is the closest that you can hope to come to the feeling of connection, oneness, and unity that you have with God. That rapturous experience of your nervous system firing in a million ways at once, of union with another, is only 1/trillionth of what you will experience when you cross over and rejoin the one true spirit that is God
Why would you choose this lone experience in a body that is life on Earth? So that you can prove your unyielding loyalty to God. To surrender yourself, to kill off your ego, to allow the holy spirit to fill your vessel, to put your life into the service of God willinglingly, when you have every option around you to do otherwise. You could chose to throw yourself into a pleasure seeking hedonistic experience, to experience the full range of frequencies that exist…not just the Christ frequencies, but the Anti-Christ frequencies. You risk losing yourself to all that is unholy, to be tempted and seduced into a life of shadow. Choose to turn away. To instead bow down and surrender yourself to God is the greatest of sacrifices. It will prove your souls worth. You will be celebrated on your homecoming. This is purpose of your life on Earth. This is your mission.
You feel it’s call, your souls longing to live well, a good, loving life. You struggle to control your cravings of all things that take you off your path. You cry in private and lament over your failures. You pain yourself over the all the times you have wandered off your course.

Today is the day you fully understand why you are here. It is the day that you begin to see your worth. To understand that you are a soul warrior, and this life is your battlefield. You are your own worst enemy and your own greatest ally. You can choose to take the actions your higher self is guiding you to take. You can begin to live the life you are meant to have. A life of happiness, peace, bliss, love, creativity, fun, compassion, and more. All you have to do is connect within to us, the All Conscious Mind, your ONE TRUE SELF, and to THE ONE TRUE GOD. Our mission is to show you ways in which to increase your communion with The All, and to heal your hearts and minds. Start today in healing yourself. Then you may heal your home, your family, your community, and it will spread like wildfire until it heals the entire planet.


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~ Anne Frank

Our Divine Helpers

If you can imagine that God is the culmination of all things in existence. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, and the end. It is said that God was never created, was always in existence, is all that ever was, and will ever be. If you can imagine, in your minds eye a golden light that is so large, whose magnitude is so great, that our sun is only one cell in it’s being, you can begin to grasp the colossus that is God. It is difficult for the human mind to contemplate this concept.

The one true God is the life that powers all that is. All that has ever lived, still lives in a field of consciousness that exists within the oneness of creation. We call this the all conscious mind. The all conscious mind is available to all humans who seek it out. This cloud of consciousness takes form. At it’s highest levels it functions as deities, then levels to the angelic realm, then it feeds down into all forms of creation in the Universe, into the slowest vibrational forms, which includes that which exists in matter…YOU! You are a physical form in a 3 dimensional plane, but you are connected to the great conscious mind, you are part of The All.

Angels, spirit guides, and helpers of all sort are available to work with you. It is our pleasure to be here with you today, and all days. There is a brotherhood of light that exists in higher dimensions, whose sole purpose at this time is to assist the planet Earth in transitioning into higher frequency living. It is our honor and mission to coach, guide, and love you into a new era of peace.



Welcome to Earth

You must have courage to live a life on Earth. The weakest, meakest souls do not belong here. In fact, they do not incarnate here. This is not a sandbox for the young and fresh, it is a fire to mold the oldest and most difficult. If you have found yourself here it means that you are an old soul. You have lived many lives.

You have experienced many hardships. You are tough, most likely have a warrior spirit. You are a fighter, a survivor. You are ready to develop from the pupa into a beautiful butterfly. You wish to unfurl your magnificent wings and soar into higher intelligence, and higher love. In order to reach this magnitude, you must accelerate yourself into a higher frequency.

Earth is the perfect home to provide you with the opportunity to either rise, or fall, in frequency. You have access to a wide range of frequency here, from the highest high, to the lowest low. The planet has an exceptional energy ecosphere that will host not only an array of frequency from within the planet’s own atmosphere, but it can be affected from surrounding frequency from outside of the atmosphere as well. The entire planet can, and is, being lifted in frequency.This is a unique time in the planet’s existence, in that, every species on the planet is being developed into a higher frequency as a whole. Where the planet goes, so do all that are dependent upon it. This includes you.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesl

Our Divine Journey Begins

Long before you were born, your soul existed. When you were forming in the womb, your soul was with you. In fact, it was your soul that designed and formed your body. Your soul was, and is, the divine source of energy that holds it’s own intelligence. Divine intelligence is the wisest and deepest of knowing. It is this knowing that has been with you at your first breath of air, and is still with you right now.

You can activate your soul connection and allow the higher more intelligent you to guide you and grow your goodness, your talents, abilities, and dreams into this world. You have untapped potential that has pushed you and driven you to read, to meditate, to seek more of yourself and more of this life. You feel that there is more joy to be had, more love available to you, and a feeling of aliveness is out there if only you knew how to access it. No matter what hardships you have navigated, no matter the insults, the betrayals, the disappointments, you have never lost your infallible hope that there is something better out there. A great big beautiful tomorrow. That you were meant for something more, to be something more. That hope, that shining light of possibility, that is your soul. Your greatest self. Your God Self.

That part of you has been observing, waiting for your attention and awareness, waiting to be activated. To have your soul become active, to become aware of your higher self’s presence, to live actively with your soul, will bring you more aliveness, more joy, more love, more happiness, more creativity, more of you, than you ever knew or hoped was possible.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton